♥ My first Blog Candy ♥

Hello Everyone!!

Okay, i'm super exited to be here for write you this post :)
why? are you asking me why??
it's Because I reach 550 followers...OMG! are already 558 !!! OMGODNESSSss!!
Okay just for you, today for make all this more and more exiting i have a BLOG CANDY for you all!!!

so, are you curious? you just need to see these beautiful stamps I give away to one of you guys!

how exited are you, now?

I give away these wonderful Whimsy Rubber stamps just because I know you all love these!
these are NEW stamps! they only need someone who can use them!

these are:

- Party Mini Letter seals
- Angel Cody
- Soccer, by Kenny k
- Everyday Mini Postage!

How To join?

Okay so here's the rules: 
please post the picture of my candy on your blog linking back to here! 
You need to be a follower. Just Because this is a candy for My followers ONLY. 
I will draw the winner on my birthday  - June 7th. 
Just comment below with your blog adress and good luck!

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Hugs, Alby

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